Longtime tech traveler buys Tulsa ironmongery store | Enterprise information

Marquis, who oversaw the manufacture of a million cell phones a day, has always been a practical person and has worked with his father and son on cars, motorcycles, and other machines.

It looked like that might fit, he said.

The deal with Little was closed, Marquis said, “And while we were talking we became friends. He’s still part of the team. “

Marquis enjoys the “convenience store of hardware” aspect of Midtown as opposed to the “big box” hardware outlets.

The business includes an outdoor garden center, plumbing, electrical, and lawn items, but covering roughly 7,000 square feet, we can’t have something for everyone. That’s why we focus on service. “

Marquis said there is a conscious effort to “offer a diverse mix of goods that is ideally suited to the specific needs of the homes and buildings in the neighborhood,” he said. One of the charms, he said, was having fun things like lye soaps, wind chimes and lots of bird feeders. Oh – and these lotions too.

Does Marquis miss the jet setting life with the hardware store in the neighborhood and the settlement on a cultivation area in Coweta?

“Oh my god,” he said, “I’ve been to the most exotic places in the world and I really appreciate what they (corporate world) have allowed me and my family to see and do.

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