Lloyd has a robust efficiency however Soddies falls 4-1 to Tulsa – Information – Brownwood Bulletin

Kyle Lloyd threw 5 1/3 solid innings for the Amarillo Sod Poodles at Hodgetown Friday night, but the offense stuttered.

In the end, Amarillo fell 4-1 against the Tulsa Drillers.

However, manager Phillip Wellman was pleased with the performance of his starting pitcher.

“I thought Kyle threw the ball very well tonight,” Wellman said. “He kept her off balance. They had a lot of left-handers on the line up tonight, but he has the guns to take action against it. “

Lloyd said the goal as the starting pitcher is to just take the hill and give the team a chance to win.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t win tonight, but that’s okay,” said Lloyd. “We’ll be back tomorrow after that. But it feels good to come out and act like that. “

Lloyd used his off-speed spots at the start of the count against Tulsa to throw them on the plate.

“I always have,” said Lloyd. “I’ve been going backwards in all of my years. I can make a lot of changes and divisions at the beginning of the count and choose the places where I use these pitches.

“I’ve just got to a point where throwing these pitches is a given.”

Wellman said Lloyd just learned how to be effective on every count on the hill.

“He’s smart and he knows how to be unlucky,” Wellman said. “Do you know what I love about him? He just knows how to be unlucky.

“He knows his strengths and his weaknesses. He knows he doesn’t have a 95 (MPH) in his back pocket and he can’t try to overpower guys. So when he gets in trouble he will add (with off-speed pitches) rather than subtract. “

But the Soddies offensive could not benefit from several scoring opportunities despite the 10: 9 goal against Tulsa. The lone Amarillo run was scored in the first inning of a solo home run by Edward Olivares, his ninth clap of the season.

These drills, however, scored one run each in the top of the third, sixth, and eighth innings, and won by three.

Amarillo and Tulsa will resume their three-game streak tonight at 7:05 p.m.

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