Increasing Entry: Tulsa is the flagship funding within the Satellite tv for pc Tech gross sales program

“It’s about having a curious mindset so that someone in an entry-level sales position can be successful. It’s about having a tough work mentality and the ability to persevere. We check these kinds of things. “

Josh Miller is a program executive at GKFF.

“The civic side of our mission is to make Tulsa a more vibrant and inclusive place,” he said. “And offering economic opportunities is a very central principle. A very important project in achieving this goal is a workforce education tool like Satellite, which provides inclusive and accessible training for future careers workers that provide skilled, sustainable paid jobs. “

Michael Basch, managing partner at Atento Capital, said that even before the COVID-19 crisis, companies found coastal cities like New York and San Francisco to be “insanely expensive” to operate. In addition, the rise in remote working has made these places less attractive, he said.

“… Many companies have already set up secondary offices in places like Salt Lake City or Austin and Denver or Nashville,” said Basch. “These places have also become more and more expensive.

“This is where Chris and Satellite will develop people from different backgrounds. Some of them are college graduates. Some of them are not college graduates. Some of them just graduated from high school. Some of them are young professionals who want to do something different. This can put them in jobs and continuously develop them to a really good salary for Tulsa, hopefully at $ 60,000 and beyond. “

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