In style Tulsa Meals Truck Opens Stationary Location – KRMG 102.3

If you’re a fan of Tulsa’s ever-growing food truck scene, you’ve probably already seen and even ordered chicken and waffles from the Waffle That food truck.

The truck has a large and loyal following and often has long lines at its usual locations in Guthrie Green and on MLK Boulevard between Pine and Apache.

In fact, after only a year or so, the food truck business was so good that owner Roy Tillis will open a restaurant on the site on MLK Boulevard.

He says it’s an easy case to give customers what they want.

“People always want to try to find us every day, and it’s difficult with a food truck to open it every day,” says Tillis.

The restaurant will be housed in a completely renovated building and is slated to open next month, but Tillis says the food truck will also go out at least three times a week.

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