Hanson Brother helps get meals transferring in Tulsa’s Meals Deserts

One of the Hanson brothers works to help the hungry in our ward. Taylor Hanson is leading a new initiative called Food On The Move. On Tuesday, lunch was served on TCC’s northeast campus.

Food trucks served hot meals during the lunch break to raise awareness of Tulsa’s hunger. People were able to pay for what they could with a suggested donation of $ 6.

Food On The Move is trying to capitalize on the success of the mobile food truck movement as well as mobile grocery stores that can roll into food deserts in Tulsa – these are neighborhoods where fresh fruits and vegetables are not readily available.

Food On The Move is working with the Community Food Bank, Iron Gate, Health Department and other community partners to find ways to provide quality food to those in need.

“We feel like people love the food and there are a lot of generous people who give a little bit every time they show up at the event. So the goal is to get as much food purchase proceeds from the people attending the event. An event that can pay off to get back on the move, ”said Hanson.

Hanson helped organize the Food On The Move event on Tuesday. the first of several, the next is planned for September.

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