Ginnie Graham: Tulsa library system does a quiet heroic job of transforming service columnists

A plexiglass barrier separates staff and the public, and directional markings keep people in the same direction. The employees wear masks.

Patrons are given a mask that encourages them to wear it in the building and to keep a safe distance from other people.

All returned items will be quarantined for 72 hours as recommended by the American Library Association.

“What I hear from customers is to take our time and be sure. You’re more than understanding, ”said Johnson. “We have the best customers.”

Looking ahead, Johnson said the library wanted to be part of solving the digital divide exposed during the pandemic.

This is not a new discovery for the library. Over the past year, users have used the computers approximately 57,000 times compared to 865,000 wireless sessions.

The library plans to extend its wireless coverage to the parking lot so that users can access the Internet at all times. Additional hotspots are being purchased for students who need distance learning.

“People are rediscovering the library,” said Johnson. “People are at home and are looking for educational or leisure activities. The Tulsa City-Country Library is one of those options.

“Whatever the challenge, the Tulsa City-County Library is committed to providing all Tulsa County’s residents with a safe and welcoming environment that truly supports their passion for reading, education, recreation, and doing business. We can do that best. “

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