Ginnie Graham: It is time for Tulsa Firms to proceed breaking the masks mandate to columnists

That alone should cause owners and managers to reevaluate things.

The visits from Health Department staff so far have been friendly and focused on providing information.

“We want community and education before we regulate,” said Dart. “They don’t accept that with the frequent fliers.”

Some companies have been visited at least 10 times with no notification that they intend to change their policy without a mask.

“You’re just disregarding it,” said Dart.

The regulation mandates that companies must require customers 10 and older to adhere to the mask mandate and social distancing rules.

Tulsa City Council hired the Health Department to carry out enforcement with the assistance of the city’s Department of Labor. Violations can result in a fine of up to $ 1,200 or a sentence of up to six months in the city jail, or both.

Exceptions apply to people who eat and drink in restaurants and places where a mask is not practical, such as with medical treatments.

The previous regulation left business owners to call the police when customers turned down masks. That put the owners in a bad position and was prone to confrontations that could get out of hand.

Most of the owners adhere to the regulation.

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