Future unsure for Evening Gentle Tulsa | Native information

The permit has been approved. However, when the group re-applied for their July permit, they were told that parking was now an issue, although that has since been addressed, Jackson said.

On Thursday, the city council will decide whether or not to approve the permit for the next month, and Jackson said the group had been told that the city would recommend the city council deny the permit.

“It’s got to a point where we feel like they’re trying to stop us from doing what we’re doing,” she said. “We feel this resistance and are not sure why or where it comes from.”

A group of more than 30 supporters of the organization plans to attend the council meeting.

“We want to work with the city and serve our guests without tension,” said Jackson. “At some point it is our place to stand up for what we do and for the people we serve.”

District 4 city councilor Blake Ewing spoke out in favor of the organization.

“I am a huge Night Light Tulsa fan and will continue to support their event,” said Ewing. “I hope we can find a solution quickly so that they can focus on what they do best: showing love to our neighbors in need.”

Oklahoma Department of Transportation officials have also raised safety concerns.

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