Fried Delights: Take a look at among the greatest fried meals within the Tulsa space Meals & Cooking

German fried potatoes in Hugo’s family restaurant, 1217 Archer Drive, Claremore

Order bacon and eggs for breakfast and you’ll be in for a few surprises. 1, You will likely need both hands to count the slices of bacon on your plate. 2, Under all the bacon there is an impressive base for fried potatoes – not hash browns, but fried potatoes with a nice piece of “brown” from the grill. It’s a hunger killer.

Cheddar fries at Brook Restaurant and Bar, 3401 S. Peoria Ave.

How can you improve fries? You fill a plate with freshly cut, seasoned fries and layer the fries with blankets of melted cheddar cheese. If you want to give it your all, you can add pieces of bacon, chives and jalapenos for an additional charge.

Chicken livers at Bros. Houligan, 2508 E. 15th St. or 9701 E. 61st St.

There are many fried items on the menu, including chicken steak, fried chicken tenders, fried catfish, fried golf prawns, steak fingers, and waffle fries. You won’t find fried chicken livers in every restaurant, but the old-school favorite is one of the options at Bros. Houligan. Diners dip many of the fried products in cream sauce.

Steakfinger at Steakfinger House, 403 S. Boulder Ave.

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