Free & Quick Covid-19 Testing Laboratory in Tulsa – 102.three KRMG

You have probably heard or seen stories of Covid-19 tests that are so slow that they really don’t help.

However, IMMY Labs, based in Norman, has tests across the state, including here in Tulsa, for quick results. So when they’re positive, people can make an informed decision about things like avoiding vulnerable friends and family members.

“We tell people on our website that it’s within two business days. I think our average time from check-in in the swab tube to result is approximately 24 hours, “said JT Harrison of IMMY Labs.

Even better, they offer the tests for free.

You will be back in Tulsa on Monday and Wednesday next week and take tests on the TU campus.

You need to make an appointment on their website which you can find here.

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