“Finest Individual within the Nation” needed Tulsa police to run native information

“I think the unique challenge the boss currently faces in Tulsa is building trust in communities that historically lacked trust, and especially in minority communities in Tulsa,” said Bynum. “Building that trust while maintaining the department’s morale,” he said.

The selection of a new Tulsa police chief comes at a time of significant change for police departments across the country, the mayor said.

“So it is very important to have a boss, one who recognizes this and two who can adjust and help our department drive these changes towards a stronger community police force,” said Bynum.

The city of Tulsa launched the formal search process on Wednesday when it posted the police chief’s job description on its website. Only majors and chief deputies can apply within the Tulsa Police Department.

Bynum said he would consider outside candidates if necessary.

“When we’re at the end of the process and I don’t feel like we have the best candidate in the whole country to fill this job, I would choose an outside candidate,” said the mayor.

What he won’t do is choose someone based solely on his gender or race.

“It’s one factor, but it’s one factor among many factors,” said Bynum. “And again the goal for me is: ‘Who is the candidate who I think will be the best person in the country to fill the job?’

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