Extra snow will accumulate within the Tulsa space at present, predictors forward of the fast-moving storm say native information

“For the next event on Tuesday afternoon / evening, the city is being prepared with plow wagons. Brine is used if there is severe dehydration today and if there is no rain event that occurs tomorrow before the snowfall potential sets in, ”according to a press release from the city of Tulsa.

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In an interview Monday morning, Tulsa Streets manager Tim McCorkell advised residents to be patient as crews clear the 1,700 lane miles they need to address and, if they have to get off beforehand, they are not allowed to pass the plows.

Speaking Sunday and overnight through Monday, McCorkell said his drivers had several close conversations with other cars that were driving too irregularly for the conditions, going through red lights and sideways on roads.

Some civil vehicles also passed the plows, which is dangerous if the plow cuts a pothole and jumps to the side or throws large chunks of salt or ice into a passing vehicle. Plows are considered emergency vehicles, and overtaking could result in a ticket, McCorkell said.

“Just give them the space to work,” McCorkell said, referring specifically to 150 to 200 feet. Patience will benefit residents better in the long run, he said.

Kelsy Schlotthauer contributed to this story.

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