Eat Avenue Tulsa Meals Truck Competition has been canceled | leisure

As the event got bigger, so did the cost. To host an event like Eat Street Tulsa, Armstrong pointed out that there is a lot of cost involved in making an event of high quality. Instead of having every food truck run on generators, the organizers pay the electricity costs.

Before the event was canceled, Armstrong had planned to close three streets in the Blue Dome to food trucks, dining areas and a play tent in order to watch the OU-Texas game, which takes place that same weekend.

She couldn’t say if the event will return next fall, but she was sure she would turn her attention to making the Blue Dome Arts Festival, another event she coordinates, better than ever. Armstrong also oversees the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the Blue Dome District and the Arnie’s Bar, which she and her husband own.

“Tulsa deserves great festivals. I feel so privileged to be able to have some great festivals, ”she said.

Food trucks queuing for the festival were informed of the cancellation prior to the announcement on the event’s Facebook page to give them time to book events for that day.

“That was hard,” said Armstrong. “I love these food truckers. Many of them are like family to me. When I told them I canceled the festival it was like saying no to my kids. “

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