Domestic Violence Call Leads to East Tulsa Drug Arrest – KRMG 102.3

Police officers from TULSA – Mingo Valley responded Thursday afternoon to a domestic violence call in a house in east Tulsa that police said led to the arrest of Alexander Ordorica on multiple drug charges, as well as domestic assault and battery.

The first officer to arrive at the residence found Ordorica in the front yard, excited and armed with a rifle and two handguns. After a short but tense pause in the front yard, Ordorica surrendered.

After further investigation, Tulsa police found that Ordorica had hit his partner, which resulted in injuries to her face and hand. A friend of the victim had come to help the victim and her children escape, and Ordorica pointed a gun at his partner and her children as they left the house.

After his arrest, Ordorica consented to a search of his residence in which officials found more than 25 marijuana plants, more than two pounds of high-quality marijuana, more than 175 commercial marijuana products and several loaded weapons in the living room.

The neighbors reported that there was a lot of traffic coming and going from the house at any time of the day or night. Ordorica claimed his medical marijuana card allows him to have the marijuana and marijuana products in his home.

Ordorica was arrested for domestic violence and battery, six points of a lethal weapon, distributing possession of marijuana with intent to grow marijuana, and possession of a firearm while committing crimes.

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