Dodgers Information: Mitch Poole, Dave Roberts, Double-A Tulsa Meals Program

Mitch Poole, longtime manager of the Dodgers clubhouse who now maintains the visitor page at Dodger Stadium, briefed USA Today’s Bob Nightengale on many things, including the 1988 World Series.

Poole was a Batboy that year and was hired to help Kirk Gibson get ready in the batting cage in Game 1.

Perhaps my favorite part of the interview was Poole, recalling an encounter with Tony LaRussa, the manager of the A in 1988 after the 2018 World Series, when LaRussa was a special assistant to the Red Sox. From Nightengale:

“We went up the ramp and I said to Tony, ‘It’s amazing how many times you’ve hit our back legs.'” Poole said.

“Tony turned around, pointed in my face and yelled, ‘Mitch, 1988! 1988! And he goes away. ‘

“Just when you think that people are over it, you experience that.


Dave Roberts’ stolen base in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS was among a handful of steals that recognized Buster Olney’s MLB history at ESPN.

The Dodgers’ Double-A daughter in Tulsa will be participating in a program called Tulsa Kitchens Unite to feed those in need in Oklahoma. Drillers’ food and drink staff will prepare at least 250 free meals per day on the program.

“These are difficult and uncertain times for so many of us, and we hope that our people’s work of delivering quality meals brings comfort to local families,” Drillers President Mike Melega said in a statement. “It’s only a small part that we can play in a very important program that Hunger Free Oklahoma has developed.”

MLB produces original content for its YouTube channel on Mondays. One of the new shows is “Quick Questions”. The first episode was about the dimensions of the ballpark. It featured Dodger’s director of planning and development, Janet Marie Smith.

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