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Come and get the alligator!

One of the reasons some people look forward to the Tulsa State Fair is to see what unusual foods are on offer halfway. At last year’s fair, for example, there was the debut of the so-called bac-o-gator, which was pieces of bacon that alternated on a stick with pieces of alligator meat, all of which were battered and fried.

As strange as it sounds, it was absolutely delicious – and didn’t taste like chicken.

While you can’t exactly find the dish in town, there are places in Tulsa that have fried alligator on their menus.

The Bayou Boyz BBQ, 397 E. Main St., in Jenks, which offers a mix of grilled and Cajun dishes, combines fried alligator pieces with catfish fillets as a frequent special, while Nolas has Creole & Cocktails, 1334 E. 15th St. a starter called Cocodrie Fried Alligator, served with a tartar sauce.

But for those who want something more than an alligator starter, check out Flavors of Louisiana, 5800 S. Lewis Ave., in the London Square Shopping Center. There you can have alligator as a starter, paired with an equal amount of lobster; as the main ingredient in one of his signature Po ‘Boy sandwiches; and as a starter either beaten and fried or blackened.

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