Builder stolen from Tulsa Meals Truck proprietor

A Tulsa food truck owner said someone stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of his generator several months after he was seriously injured on the job.

Josh Baker said the generator allows him to power his food truck and make money. Now he is forced to put some of his kitchen in the background. It’s fair to say that Chef Josh Baker has a love-hate relationship with generators.

“Just generators in general with me having a bad scene,” said chef Josh Baker, the owner of Bachelor’s Table, a local food truck.

Baker, who owns and operates the food truck The Bachelor’s Table, was seriously injured in March after borrowing his friend’s generator.

“The generator turned me around, I hit my trailer’s tongue and crushed my skull,” Baker said.

He said there was blood everywhere.

“I got twisted and basically died in their living room and EMSA brought me back,” Baker said.

He was in the intensive care unit for eight days. At one point, doctors even had to remove part of his skull before putting it back in a few months later. Fast forward to November and Baker, who is back on his feet and cooking, has been dealt another blow. He saw his friend’s band play here in the colony. When he left his nearly $ 1,000 generator was gone.

“Oh crap, what should I do? I can’t take the loss like that right now. I panic and run back into the house and say my generator is gone,” Baker said.

Baker said the generator helps power his food truck and that’s how he makes a living.

“I hope whoever took it has a very happy Thanksgiving haha,” said Baker.

And hope whoever took it will just give it back.

“If they return it, I won’t prosecute, no questions asked. Just return the generator,” Baker said.

If you see the generator, call the Tulsa Police Department.

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