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City council races, school council races, and bond issues will be held in multiple polls across Tulsa County on April 6th. Here is an overview of those voices.

Municipal council with broken arrow 1

The candidates are Jonathan Kelly, Cathy Smythe and Debra Wimpee.

Kelly is a businessman, writer, and employee. He is the President of Named in the top 30 under 30 for marketing and advertising, he led a team of over 100 helping entrepreneurs grow their bottom line. He acts as a project manager for more than 300 customers at home and abroad.

Smythe was born in Germany, lived in Greece and attended Catholic schools in France. She lived in Virginia, Texas, and Tennessee. And after years of traveling and experiencing these different places, she chose Broken Arrow as her home.

Wimpee served on the board of the Tulsa Young Republicans and on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of the Broken Arrow Salvation Army.

Wimpee used to be a small business owner on Main Street in the Rose District and is the director of two real estate associations and BA Buzz. She is a member of the Broken Arrow Chamber and the Rotary Club.

Christina Sampson retired from the Ward 1 Broken Arrow city council race.

Municipal council with broken arrow 2

The candidates are Mayor Craig Thurmond and Lisa Ford.

Ford worked for the Broken Arrow Police Department as a crime prevention specialist and community liaison for 20 years.

In 2003, she was voted one of the 10 Most Influential People in Broken Arrow by the Broken Arrow Ledger. She was BAPD Employee of the Year in 2014 and Broken Arrow Chamber Consumer Advocate of the Year in 2018.

Thurmond has been in office for 19 years. He was instrumental in bringing Bass Pro Shop to Broken Arrow. He helped found the TIF, which helped maintain flight safety at Broken Arrow, and funded the launch of the Rose District. Flight Safety International is the largest flight simulator company in the world and all flight simulators are manufactured in Broken Arrow. Thurmond worked over six years to bring the Warren Theater to Broken Arrow.

Glenpool Council Ward 2

The candidates are Christopher Brobst and Kim Hanson-Mercier. Councilor Timothy Lee Fox was re-elected to Ward 1 without objection.

Brobst has three associate degrees from TCC in engineering, math, and computer science. He’s a middle school teacher at Broken Arrow.

Hanson-Mercier graduated from Kennesaw State University. She was supported by the Glenpool Fire IAFF Local 2990 and the Police FOP Lodge 133.

Jenks City Council Ward 4

The candidates are Rodney Cline and Councilor Dawn Dyke.

Cline is a coach who has been teaching public education for 24 years. He was named “Teacher of the Year” in 2009 and most recently “Teacher of the Year” in 2018 by the Edison Prep Site. He is a volunteer for the Oklahoma Cancer Treatment Centers, the Oklahoma Community Food Banks, and the Tulsa Autism Foundation. He is a member of the Battle Creek Church in Broken Arrow.

Dyke has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from ORU and a Masters in Educational Psychology from OSU. She is a member of Life Church and a past president of PTAG at Jenks Schools. She is a member of the Jenks Public Schools Foundation and the Southeast Tulsa Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Jenks city council in general

The candidates are Krista Monk, David Randolph and Kevin Short.

Craig Murray in Ward 3 and Cory Box in Ward 6 were elected without opposition.

Monk is a retired epidemiologist and process improvement expert. According to her website, she aims to “improve options for equity in schools” and “combat the excessive use of exclusive and inappropriate disciplinary advice for color students”.

Randolph graduated with a triple major in four years with a near perfect GPA and has served as president of several organizations. He graduated from law school at the top of my class and was the editor-in-chief of a law magazine that ran 40 students while working for a law firm. Upon graduation, he became an equity partner in a large Tulsa-based law firm and the youngest member of the firm’s management team. He volunteered on the United Way Allocation Board and served as the head of the Corporate Counsel Section of the Tulsa County Bar Association.

Short is the Chief Lending Officer at Mabrey Bank. He has a degree in economics from the University of Kansas. Short is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jenks Public Schools Foundation and a past President.

Sperry Board of Trustees

The candidates are Melody Anderson, Micah Carr, and Sperry Trustee Gary Eaton.

Melody Anderson teaches Algebra, Math, Computer Applications, and Native American Studies in Grade 6 at Sperry Middle School.

Carr is a student at TCC and works for the Sperry Utilities Services Authority.

Eaton was first elected in 2015 and is now serving its first four-year term.

Skiatook City Council Ward 2

The nominees are Skiatook Deputy Mayor Robin Edens, and L. Wyvone Wilson.

Skiatook City Council Ward 5

The candidates are Richard Barnes and Councilor Stephanie R. Upton.

Mayor Herb Forbes was re-elected to Division 1 without objection.

Barnes owns the Skiatook auction, which was founded in 1975 and now has 18,000 square feet of warehouse and showroom in Skiatook.

Upton is a communications specialist at the Legal Arts Center at Gene Dennison law firm. She is the former managing director of Skiatook’s Chamber of Commerce. She graduated from Southern Nazarene University.

Bixby City Council

Robert Founds was elected to Division 1 of Bixby City Council because his only opponent, Marsha Snyder, withdrew. Brian Guthrie was elected to Division 2 without objection.

Tulsa Public Schools District 3

The candidates are Jennettie Marshall and David L. Harris.

Board member Jennettie Marshall was elected to her post in 2017. Marshall retired from the corrections department and human services department.

She served as a police and fire chaplain for the city of Tulsa and received training in emergency response and hostage negotiations. In 1994, Ms. Marshall founded Reclaim Inc., a program that helps families, youth, and adults.

She is completing her seminar courses through the Andersonville Theological Seminary. She is the founding pastor of Living Sanctuary Evangelistic Ministries.

David J. Harris is the President of the Tulsa Chapter of 100 Black Men, a national mentoring program designed to improve opportunities for all African Americans.

Harris is vice president of sales and marketing for Pillar Group LLC, a finance company in the Greenwood District.

Schools in this constituency include Academy Central, Anderson, Burroughs, Celia Clinton, Hamilton, Hawthorne, John Hope Franklin Elementary Schools, Unity Learning Academy, and Whitman Elementary Schools. Dual Language Academy; Monroe Demonstration Academy; Central Middle School; and McLain High School.

Berryhill Public Schools Office 1

The candidates are Allisha Phillips Craig and Jack Lollis.

Union Public Schools Office 1

The candidates are Kasey Magness, Broken Arrow and Joey Reyes, Broken Arrow.

Magness is a retired medic with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Rogers State College and a master’s degree in nursing administration from the OU. She is a Home Nurse for the Saint Francis Health Care System and a Sexual Assault Nurse. She is the secretary of the Union 8th Degree PTSA and the Union Parent Teacher Association. She is a former president of the PTA.

Reyes was a small business owner and co-founder of a local nonprofit organization. He was president of the Union Baseball Booster Club and a former treasurer. He and his wife founded James Mission, which provides emergency resources for foster children. He is a board member of TFI Family Services, the Texas Family Initiative, and Family Connections.

Sand Springs Public Schools Office 1

The candidates are Miranda Hampton and Whitney Wagers.

Wagers is running for re-election to the board.

Sperry Public Schools Office 1

The candidates are April D. Bowman and Tammy Sam-Hunter.

Owasso Public Schools Office 1

The candidates are Rick Lang and Stephanie Ruttman.

Lang is project manager for Triple Canopy in Owasso.

Ruttman taught at Moore Public Schools for three years before becoming a mother who stayed at home.

Tulsa Technology Center District 6

Candidates are Paul J. Kroutter Jr. and Sharon A. Whelpley, both of Broken Arrow.

Whelpley is running for re-election. It was first elected in 2014. She retired after serving 12 years at Tulsa Tech. She served on the Broken Arrow Public Schools Board of Education for 20 years.

Liberty School proposal

That proposal would issue $ 340,000 in bonds, repair and remodel the school buildings, buy furniture, and acquire school land.

Bixby City suggestions

Bixby City Council approved a $ 28,500,000 general bond package that will go to voters on April 6th.

“The 2021 bond proposal is based on two (2) years of deliberation by the council, taking into account the needs and priorities of urban infrastructure over the next twenty (20) years. With their efforts followed by public engagement and participation that exceeded that of a previous bond by at least an order of magnitude, the final list of projects represents a clear community consensus on the issues that top the list. “Jared Cottle, Bixby City Administrator.

The four proposals on the ballot are:

Proposal # 1 ($ 8,500,000)

This is for land and the construction of a fire station and ambulance south of 141st Street in Bixby. The fire department has outgrown the 40-year-old station in downtown Bixby. Bixby is currently hiring outpatient transportation services. The outpatient facility would be managed by the Bixby Fire Department, which is now responding to emergency medical calls.

Proposal # 2 ($ 16,300,000)

This includes the construction, expansion, repair and improvement of road projects:

  • 131st Street from Memorial Drive to Mingo Road
  • Mingo Road from 101st Street to 111th Street
  • 161st Street from Memorial Drive to Central Intermediate School
  • 131st Street from Mingo Road to Garnett Road

Proposal # 3 ($ 1,700,000)

This is funding for the expansion of the Bentley Park Sports Complex, including land, construction, repair, renovation, and beatification.

Proposal # 4 ($ 2,000,000)

This improves the South Bixby Drainage and North Bixby Drainage projects.

“Bixby’s 2021 bond proposal focuses on the key needs of our city,” said Brian Guthrie, Bixby Mayor. “Most of the pension funds are used to improve our roads and infrastructure. This loan will also enable us to build a new fire station in the west and expand our operations to include emergency services so that we can offer our citizens faster response times. “

Funding will also be available for the expansion of Bentley Park and additional improvements to drainage north and south of the river. “

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