Best flat roofing options

Best flat roofing options

Traditional felt was the only flat roof system that most people are familiar with in 2020. It was not without its problems, including the constant need to repair it and the low life expectancy of between 10-20years.

However, 2021 will bring a flood of high-quality modern options to the market. If you don’t know your goals for a home exterior upgrade, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Each offers its own unique benefits, and each claim to be the best in terms of modern style, durability, and ease of installing.


Before you can determine which flat roofing system suits your needs the best, it is important to fully understand what each flat roofing system offers Mississauga. We have compiled a list of pros and cons that will allow you to see how each one works in detail. The list will give you an insight into why these options are best for certain kinds of homes and projects, while not ideal for others.


There is no single flat roofing system that can be considered “the best”, as each one offers its own benefits, installation methods and features. Therefore, rather than asking whether there is an absolute best flat roofing system in Mississauga, we should consider which type our home might require, based on particular criteria.


EPDM Rubber Roof

EPDM rubber roofing, which is simple to install and has a 50 year lifespan, is the most popular flat-roofing system. Cadillac roofing is the best solution to having it applied to your home. This single-ply membrane has been a favorite choice for commercial and industrial properties. EPDM rubber is made from both plastic and paper. This makes EPDM rubber a good choice for roofs. It is simple to install; simply roll the sheet and then cut any needed areas with scissors or sharp utility knives. Finally, attach it to your roof using staples or nails. Because of the high amount of children running around in playgrounds at their full speed, the membrane can resist punctures from impact such as baseballs.


Pros – Made from durable materials that can last a lifetime so you don’t have to replace the roof every year.

Cons: Not suitable for foot traffic



GRP Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass roofs make a great choice for both homeowners and professionals. They are durable and strong with a high resistance to wear. This makes them long-lasting. Fibreglass can be purchased in components as resin mixed with hardener. This is the base layer of your roof. To give beautiful results, you can apply fibres over it using chopped strand mat.


It is durable and stylish, making it one of our top picks. The product’s hardness and toughness make it ideal for foot traffic. However, installation can be difficult due to cracking.


Polyurethane Liquid roofing

There is increasing interest in polyurethane roofs. Because they are easy to apply, installers can directly apply them over existing roof surfaces like felt and GRP. Because there is no waiting time for these liquids, they can also be used in winter weather conditions.


Spray-on felt’s greatest advantage is its one-coat application. Spray-on felt doesn’t need to be dried for long periods of time and can be applied one coat at a time. Its high tensile strengths mean that your roof will not be damaged by the elements.


This is the main problem with these types roofs. They are not as attractive as they offer protection against. However, they might look ugly if applied incorrectly to metal surfaces. People also question whether their life expectancy compares to other products.


Liquid Repair Systems


They come in a single container and are easy-to-use. These liquids can be used when you need to do something quickly but within a short time frame. These repair liquids can easily be used under any weather conditions. It’s also fibre reinforced, so the roof lasts longer that regular liquid repairs.


Liquid Repair Systems offers a quick and affordable solution for any leaky roofs. This waterproofing sealant can also be used in damp conditions. This product works with all roof types, including shingle, metal sheets, and asphalt flat surfaces that are not concrete floors. Liquid Repair Systems are instant protection against any leaks. However, the product can be damaged over time so ensure you fix the problem before you go. Cadillac roofing works well with any type of flat roofing.




It’s crucial to take into account what is most important when you choose the right flat roofing material. EPDM rubber membranes would be a good option if you place price above quality and durability. These membranes can last up 30 years, are more affordable upfront than TPO reflective materials which can have the same lifespan but cost twice as much.


Sometimes affordability is less important when you consider factors such as energy efficiency and protection against extreme weather. You might want to invest in some insulation along with the cover material. Cadillac roofing offers better thermal resistance, which will lower heating costs.



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