Benefit from the style of Tulsa’s Fish Tacos Meals & Cooking

Mr. Nice Guy’s taco flight, which is a variety of 10 tacos served with a range of salsas, includes shrimp and fish tacos. JESSIE WARDARSKI / Tulsa World

El Guapos fish tacos

Grilled fish tacos with rice and pico de gallo are served in El Guapo’s cantina. MATT BARNARD / Tulsa World file

Jimmy Hula

Two of the six fish tacos on offer at Jimmy Hula are the Killer Taco (left) with crispy fish, cabbage, Monterey Jack cheese and Habanero Boss sauce, and the Baja Taco with blackened fish, cabbage, Monterey Jack cheese and pineapple. Mango salsa. CORY YOUNG / Tulsa World file

Calaveras Mexican grill

The fish tacos in the Calaveras Mexican Grill are filled with pickled cabbage, pico de gallo, cheese, avocado and a chipotle cream sauce. IAN MAULE / Tulsa World file

Fish dishes

The Thai grilled tacos in the yokozuna in this Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. CORY YOUNG / Tulsa World

Chuys Tex-Mex

The Baja fish tacos at Chuy’s are grilled or lightly fried with fresh coriander, red cabbage and a creamy jalapeno dressing. CORY YOUNG / Tulsa World

Fish dishes for Lent

JINYA salmon sack

Salmon Poke is a raw fish dish that is prepared as a taco and served as a starter in the JINYA Ramen Bar. JESSIE WARDARSKI / Tulsa World

Margaritaville at the River Spirit Resort Casino

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville at River Spirit Casino Resort serves a beer-topped fish taco from LandShark lager. JESSIE WARDARSKI / Tulsa World FILE


Roosevelt’s Gastropub, 1551 E. 15th St.

Roosevelt’s uses seasonal fresh fish for its fish tacos.

The beautiful

The cantina in El Guapo serves beer baked fish with red chilli aioli, jalapeño coleslaw, pico de gallo and guacamole for its fish tacos. JOHN CLANTON / Tulsa World File

Fish dishes for Lent

Elote’s salmon tacos come with a coriander-lime glaze and a queso fresco. MATT BARNARD / Tulsa World

While the taco has likely existed since the first corn tortilla was grilled, the idea of ​​adding a sizzling piece of fried or grilled fish to this tortilla is relatively new.

It is believed that the fish taco originated in the Baja California peninsula in the mid-20th century, using the fresh seafood from the Pacific and the Sea of ​​Cortez.

It’s a dish reminiscent of a day at the beach, with its mix of crispy vegetables like shredded cabbage, against the clean taste of high-quality, well-cooked fish, the bite of the salsa, which is chilled by a creamy dressing.

A California chain restaurant called Rubio’s is believed to be responsible for bringing these beach kitchen staples to consumers north of the border when it opened its first store in San Diego in 1983.

Fish and seafood tacos are now widely available – even in Tulsa, where freshly caught fish and seafood is a logistical dilemma. But that doesn’t prevent restaurants from making fish tacos or the diners from eating them.

Here are some of the region’s better tacos del Mar.


332 E. First St., 8161 S. Harvard Ave.

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