“Ah man, the constructing is on fireplace!” Tulsa Resident’s Humorous Response After Escaping the Residence Fireplace – Nationwide

A woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma draws attention to a funny news interview she gave after an apartment fire on Sunday.

Michelle Dobyne is one of 100 residents of the Casa Linda complex who had no electricity or heat after a fire in a storage unit under one of the apartments.

“My friend comes to the door. I was on the phone making some breakfast for myself and my baby. She said, “Hey, something’s wrong. There’s Poppin. ‘I said, “Wah?” Dobyne told Tulsas News 6.

“She comes out of her apartment without shoes,” said Dobyne, describing the neighbor Centoria Lee, who fled her house because of the fire.

She said, ‘Something is wrong. ‘I said’ Ah man, the building is on fire! ‘ “An animated Dobyne told reporters.

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“I had my three children and we bounced off. Nuh-uh, we won’t be in any fire. Not today.”

Dobyne’s funny reaction seemed to cheer up the fire-stricken neighbors, according to property manager David Bryan.

“They all take care of each other already,” he said with a laugh.

Other residents also went ahead lightheartedly to describe the incident.

“You could hear them pop,” said Edward Robinson, describing the sound of electric wires frying.

“It actually sounded like July 4th there,” he said.

“I can’t cook, I can’t eat, I can’t get warm. But I still got breath, “said Robinson.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident and the Red Cross has opened a shelter for those affected by the fire.

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