92 Tulsa Issues to Do for the Spring Break | Existence

18. Handmade ice cream in the Paleteria La Michoacana

The Mexican culinary delights in East Tulsa include the ice cream parlors, including the La Michoacana Paleteria at E. 31st St. 9467 and 11108 E. 21st St. Here you will find a selection of nieces and paletas, Mexican ice cream and popsicles, which even Willy Wonka offers would be proud of. And everything is made in-house.

The texture of the ice cream is light as air and the flavors are all natural and absolutely delicious. There’s your standard vanilla, chocolate, and “fresa” or strawberry as well as amazing coconut and pistachio. Others have exotic-sounding labels, but they’re Mexican ice cream standards – “Cereza” is cherry, “Rompope” is eggnog, “Cajeta”, a Mexican version of dulce de leche-type caramel, and queso isn’t suitable for dipping into tortilla chips – It’s cheesecake.

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