918 day: Tulsa celebrations

TULSA, okla. – 918 days are here and it is a time to celebrate Tulsa, the history, heritage and future of the city.

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This is the third year for the one-day celebration, although this year looks a little different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The city announced that the theme of the event will be “Rise through Resilience” with virtual, socially distant activities across the city. CLICK HERE to find out more about the upcoming events.

“Parking” in downtown Tulsa
Several on-street parking spaces will be converted into urban parklets between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to celebrate Park (ing) Day 2020. Organizations and companies have registered to participate and will transform normal parking spaces into safe, socially distant pop-up parks in public spaces.

You can stop by any pop-up installation on Boston Avenue between 3rd and 7th streets and vote for your favorite installation. The city of Tulsa’s recent adoption of the parklet permit program will allow many of them to become permanent parts of the neighborhood. Please visit www.tulsaparkingday.com for more details.

918 Art Drop

Led by the 918 Maker’s Collective, local artists go on a scavenger hunt for their work. Throughout the day, they “hide” artwork across the 918 area code and post clues on social media to find their work. Every work of art found belongs to whoever finds it. According to the organizers, more than 100 artists have registered for this year’s event. For more information, see the event page on Facebook.

918 listings across the city

The 918 Day is about celebrating everything local and supporting companies and restaurants in the city. Because of this, many places have signed up to offer discounts to commemorate the day. You can find a list and a map of all discounts in town HERE.

Ever interested in finding out how celebrities refer to the 918 as their hometown? CLICK HERE to meet Tulsa famous people.

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