5 Tulsa Issues to Purchase with Powerball Wins

The Powerball jackpot hit a record high of $ 900 million. Of course, everyone is asking: what would I spend all that money on?

Well, if you are a Tulsa lover there are some pretty cool things you can buy!

5. ORU prayer towers

and not just one! You could build 108 prayer towers with your winnings.

(And yes, we are good journalists and were careful to calculate inflation since the tower was built in the 1960s.)

4. Downtown Tulsa Library

With that $ 800 million, you could renovate the downtown Tulsa library at least 17 times. Just make sure you keep enough extra to fill them with books!

3. South Tulsa Mansion

Did you know the sucker is worth just under $ 3 million? That means you can buy at least 250 of these villas.

2. The meeting point

They could fill Tulsa with places to congregate, especially two and a half more outside of the place they are currently building on the riverside.

1. BOK Center

This is probably the coolest purchase potential! With the jackpot you can buy four BOK centers.

Remember, you can also donate part of your profits to your favorite Tulsa news channel. *Wink, wink*

While it is fun to imagine what you would buy with all that money, remember: there is only one out of 292 million odds that you would actually win. That means you’re more likely to become president than win $ 800 million.

Any other crazy purchases you would like to make? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter with # 2WorksForYou.

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