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Sep 21

Ultimate Custom Coolers Buying Guide from a Cooler Bag Supplier Singapore

This guide that comes from a cooler bag supplier singapore has been compiled to customizing your cooler to help you make an informed choice. Find out more about the many options that can affect how your cooling system performs, the types of coolers, and more!

Why Buy Custom Coolers?

Coolers are an effective promotional item that everyone would be delighted to receive as a gift for their company. There are more than 500 styles and colors to pick from which means you'll have a wide selection of choices in your hands. There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when purchasing customized coolers such as the design colour, price, and the material. Additionally, the target customers you're targeting for this giveaway for promotional purposes can be crucial in deciding your choice. This guide will to answer a lot of these questions.

How Will This Help My Brand?

Promotional items are an excellent opportunity to promote your company's image. In a survey of 2019 consumers published by the PPAI 79% of respondents have reported they share promotional items that aren't anymore of value to them, increasing your brand's visibility. 8 out of 10 respondents said that their perception of a brand changed directly after receiving a promotional item from the brand. Bottom line: purchasing promotional items will aid in gaining valuable impressions for your company!

Popular Uses of Custom Branded Coolers

Custom-designed coolers are perfect for outdoor activities, such as fishing or hiking, camping, and much more. Customized coolers make a fantastic to give away as a gift or prize for corporate gatherings, picnics, fundraising events, trade shows and much more! Customized coolers are great and ideal for campers in summer as you could be far from refrigeration, and you'll require a cooler to keep your drinks cool. In addition, they are great for gatherings for tailgating since you'll want to increase the amount of drinks you can serve at your celebrations before games! If you're working in the medical industry or are you are a non-profit group or even within the education sector, customized coolers are the perfect choice for your next event or giveaway but only from a reliable cooler bag supplier singapore. 

Cooler Features and Types

We offer a variety of colors, styles, and sizes of custom coolers for you to select from. Find out which one is the most suitable for you!


We offer a variety of colors, styles and dimensions of custom coolers to select from. Find out which one is the best for you in the following section!


Collapsible coolers can be great for clearing out the storage area. Additionally, they are practical since you can take them to almost any location!

With Wheels

Do not stress about having to rely on someone else's assistance to transport a large container. Instead, add some the convenience of your cooler purchase.

With Bluetooth

Coolers that feature Bluetooth speakers can make the party more lively with music that everyone can take pleasure in. Additionally, it's simple to change who plays the music.


Make sure that your beverages and food are safe by using these water-proof coolers. Ideal for camping trips in the summer or for lake days!


Insulated coolers keep your drinks and food chilled all day. This means that your drinks will always be cool and ready to be enjoyed!


Check out what kind of cooler will work best for you! If you're in search of an item that is heavier duty and will keep your drinks cool for a longer time, then hard shell coolers are what you're searching for. Hard shell coolers are more durable and have a larger storage capacity. If you're looking for a cooler that is light to toss over your shoulders and carry virtually everywhere then a Soft Shell cooler could be the right choice for you.

Can Capacity

The capacity of your custom-made cooler will depend on the purpose you want to use the cooler for. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, ensuring you can be ready for any occasion!

Less Than 6 Cans

It's perfect for taking drinks to your own enjoyment or for a quick gathering.

6-11 Cans

Perfect for occasions when you require drinks for up to 1-3 people and don't anticipate to have to keep your drinks cold for longer than an hour or two hours.

12-23 Cans

Ideal for a family trip or a picnic where your drinks or food will remain cool throughout the day!

24-32 Cans

Perfect ideal for trips to the campsite with friends and family so that everyone can drink their favourite drinks.

More Than 32 Cans

You will never run out of your favorite cold beverage at the next tailgating and sporting occasion.

In summary, custom coolers are an excellent promotional item to use in your promotional efforts. With the variety of options available , we hope that you'll be able to see the numerous advantages to offering custom-designed coolers to customers, employees as well as at events. Call Aquaholic Gifts - your leading cooler bag supplier Singapore for your next custom thermal bag needs