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Beware of planting trees close to your house

Jul 3


Trees are the most beautiful beauty of every landscape. They are eye-catching features that can also protect your property from heat. But, when it comes to maintaining the trees that are on your property, there are some things that we suggest you think about to ensure the health and safety of your family members and your property in the long haul. Georgetown Tree Service can help with these concerns.

As lovely as trees can be, their roots have been known to cause structural damage if they're expanding under the soil close to your home. Trees may cause exterior and roof damage if they are close enough to cascade over your house. If your trees aren't correctly planted, these and many other issues can occur. You can avoid any of these issues by following proper instructions for planting trees so that you have plenty of space between your trees and your house.


Incorrectly planted trees could cause structural destruction

If trees aren't properly planted, they can cause structural damage in various ways. Here are a few of the problems you have to be aware of:


  • Large tree roots are the most significant threat to your property. Trees are small, humble gigantic creatures. They require sufficient space to develop their sturdy roots. No matter the amount of space they have, a tree's roots will seek ways to expand beneath the soil. This is what often can cause structural damages. Insufficiently planted trees can result in damage to sidewalks, driveways and foundations.

  • Poorly planted trees can result in roof damage and clogged gutters. The branches of a tree could be a threat to your roof if they grow too close to your home. They can harm your roof, and can accelerate the rate of erosion. If not taken care of dead branches and dead leaves from your tree will end up in the gutters of your home.

  • Branches can damage your home's exterior. Tree branches and twigs can cause cosmetic damage to your exterior house when they grow. They can also scratch at the paint. Feel free to call the tree cutting service of Georgetown, Kentucky for assistance with solutions.

  • Dead trees could cause harm to loved ones. Dead branches can be unpredictably and can create danger to your loved ones and family members by falling off in the wrong place at the right moment. Tree cutting specialists from georgetown are able to help in any tree-related issue regardless of size or. If the trees you have cut aren't in good places, they could be damaging the structure of your home

How far should a tree be planted from the house?


How far away to trees you should keep from your house? There are general guidelines to adhere to in the planting of trees in order to keep them a safe distance away from your home. If you follow these guidelines you can avoid the possibility of damage. It is recommended that trees be planted between 10-20 feet from your home. The distances at which trees must be located in relation to your home:


  • You should plant large trees that reach 70 feet high or 20 feet further from your home.

  • Medium trees with a mature height less than 70 feet must be planted 15 feet or more from your home.

  • It is recommended to plant small trees smaller than 30 feet distance of 10 feet from your house.

  • Trees planted within 10 feet from your home could pose a risk to your property's health and long-term stability.


We provide tree trimming in the city of Georgetown services that have many years of experience with tree care. We're here to help if you're home is being affected by misplaced trees! We offer our complete tree services throughout the County and surrounding areas.

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